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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are a Humanitarian Disaster Relief Response Team that is unique in what we offer. Having responded to disasters over the years, most recently in Dominica Caribbean , it became very obvious that one of the most crucial parts of aid work is overlooked.

Business Sponsorship: We recognise that most, if not all, large businesses and corporations are inundated with requests for charitable sponsorship and support. In the present economic climate, competition for sponsorship is fierce and the fall in charitable donations has had a major impact on the voluntary sector. Understandably therefore, companies are becoming ever more selective in their choice of charity partners, focusing on those organisations which help them to increase business capacity by enhancing their brand. To that end, it’s felt that DART offers a unique sponsorship opportunity to green service providers or Arboriculture equipment manufacturers, since there are few, if any, charities and not-for-profit organisations so closely aligned with their core business.

Consider, for example, what a corporate sponsor might reasonably expect in return for sponsorship of DART’s participation in a disaster relief operation: It’s an unfortunate reality that the majority of major natural disasters occur in parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and South America that are still developing economically and therefore less well equipped to deal with the consequences. It could be argued therefore, that the sponsorship of disaster relief operations in these emerging markets also represents a valuable business development opportunity, especially when the equipment is being operated by fully qualified and experienced arborists. It’s also worth noting that whereas many sponsored charitable events and activities often struggle to achieve even limited local press exposure, major natural disasters and relief operations routinely attract widespread international media attention. These key factors apply equally to any arboriculture related manufacturer or service provider seeking to develop its international brand and PR profile.

Govt/NGO Commissioning: The aforementioned fall in charitable revenue could be viewed as a factor that might discourage larger NGOs from commissioning DART’s services. It could be argued, for example, that these organisations have operated without the support of professional arborists throughout many disasters, so why not continue to deal with the problem by employing local labour to clear fallen trees manually on an ad hoc basis? Such organisations must now ask themselves, ‘How many aid convoys have been delayed for days, or even weeks, while roads are cleared of fallen trees? To what extent has the restoration of life-saving services been delayed for want of efficient and effective tree clearance? The more experienced and forward thinking disaster relief agencies will always try to ‘build back better’ and perhaps recognise that ‘ad hoc’ is no longer good enough!

Private Trust Funds and donations from members of the public: DART International UK is a young charity, but growing fast! Entirely staffed by volunteers, we don’t pay salaries, we don’t fund a suite of offices or expensive publicity campaigns and therefore our overheads are minimal. We are simply an organisation of people with specialist knowledge and skills who have watched disaster stories unfold on their television screens and realized that what they do for a living in this country, could save lives and make a significant contribution to the relief and recovery of disaster hit communities elsewhere in the world.

So, if you are looking to donate to a disaster relief organisation that will use your money to help people directly you’ve come to the right place. We will use your money to get our volunteers to where they’re needed most in the most cost effective way we can. On arrival they will directly assist the disaster hit community, while also enabling other aid organisations to deliver their services more effectively. We are an organisation that will listen to, and act upon, the wishes of local people. We will operate in a self sufficient manner to avoid becoming an additional burden on an already hard pressed local community. We will care about the local environment and try to preserve and recycle its natural resources. Our volunteers are, first and foremost, humanitarians! We will abide by humanitarian charter and adhere to the NGO code of conduct. Physically fit, practical and resourceful, our volunteers are all First Aid qualified to industry standards and often with additional experience of advanced trauma techniques; skills that can prove invaluable in a post disaster situation.


Donate to DART International UK by text, via PayPal or JustGiving


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