03 October

Our Hurricane Dorian response team are now on their way home from Grand Bahama. A big thank you to them, their families and all our supporters for your kind messages of encouragement over the past few weeks.

We’re very proud of what our five volunteers have achieved; a package of assistance that ranged from direct specialist support to training and equipping National Trust staff to continue the work safely and effectively into the future.

The debris clearance task facing the people of Grand Bahama is huge, but our volunteers have been humbled by their resilience, determination and cheerfulness in the face of great adversity. There’s no doubt that our new friends will #RebuildGrandBahama stronger and we wish them well, especially our local partners from Coral Vita and the National Trust.

Our thanks to deployment sponsors Stein Products LimitedMakita UK, the Arboricultural Association and several independent supporters who have kindly donated funds. Thanks also to partners at Airlink https://airlinkflight.org for their help and advice in getting our team out there and home again.

If you’ve a mind to, there’s still time to chip-in and support the work of this all volunteer charity:

02 October

Training continues with our partners at the Rand National Park: First Aid, Risk Assessments, Basic Cross Cutting and Rope Haulage (using a 3:1 pulley system).

The team went on to carry out some final clearance work (and build a playground balance beam) at the Hugh W. Campbell Primary School which is scheduled to reopen today. #RebuildingGrandBahama

29 September

Our team in Grand Bahama have embarked on the final (and arguably most important) phase of their deployment: Training staff from the Bahamian National Trust in Chainsaw Handling, Maintenance, PPE, Felling Techniques and First Aid.

On completion of training the team will donate all of their equipment and PPE, so that our partners from the National Trust can continue the work of #RebuildingGrandBahama long after our volunteers return home.

Providing this most sustainable element of DART’s support is only possible thanks to the generosity of our equipment sponsors Stein Products Limited and Makita UK


27 September
The DART team were back in the High Rock area yesterday.


25 September

Crane job in Macleans Town Cay and dismantling a tree leaning dangerously over the road at Pelican Point. #RebuildingGrandBahamas

24 September

Our team assisting with #RebuildingGrandBahamas continued their clearance work around High Rock yesterday.

Today they removed a badly damaged tree that was endangering a water tank and communications equipment at the International Medical Corps field hospital. #BahamasStrong

23 September

Two DART teams in two locations today.

One clearing fallen trees around properties in Bishops, while Sam and Glenn took a boat out to Sweetings Cay to open up access.


22 September

The DART team at work in High Rock, clearing access and storm damaged property. #HurricanDorian

21 September

Our Response Team have hit the ground running and are enroute the community of High Rock to start work.

Their tasking for the next couple of days includes opening up blocked access roads, clearing trees and timber debris from residential properties and making the local school safe.  #HurricaneDorian.

19 September

Responding to a request for assistance from the Deputy Prime Minister and Executive Director of the Port Authority, we have this morning deployed a Response Team to the Bahamas. #HurricaneDorian

Over the next two weeks our 5 volunteers will donate their energy and professional skills to what is clearly going to be a huge recovery operation across Grand Bahamas and the Abaco Islands.

Our thanks as always to our sponsors Stein Products LimitedMakita UK, the Arboricultural Association and numerous other supporters and personal donors who make the work of this unique Charity possible.

If you’d like to add your own support to this deployment, please contact us or find our donation page on:

16 September

A big thank you to the team at Stein who have consistently supported our charity since the very beginning.

We really appreciate having a kit sponsor who can respond to a call for assistance as quickly as our volunteers. #HurricaneDorian

12 September

Safe travels to Response Team volunteer Andy Macpherson; enroute Nassau to liaise with the Disaster Management Authorities assisting those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

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